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Chandrawajra Vashikaran

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Chandrawajra vashikaran is the most powerful and strong of all vashikaran in which we invoke God Moon and also use Vajra of Lord Indra which is amogh.

We invoke Lord Chandra for 41 days in that we have to do a lot of Hawan and yagna. We also have to do some tantric rituals and clients have to do some chanting from his end too for 41 days. In this process we have to do night worship as we are praying Lord Moon and he gives his darshan in night.

The Person on whom you are applying this vashikaran, you have to think properly about that person or look at his/her picture. At that time, you don’t have to think about any another thing or person otherwise mantra will not work.

You also don’t have to eat non vegetarian food and not drink alcohol during those 41 days of this puja. You should not offer prayer without taking bath or purifying yourself.

In chandrawajra vashikaran you should also use kalp vidya which increases the power of chandrawajra vashikaran and is in a way must for chandrawajra vashikaran. It works for whole life. In 41 days you can apply vashikaran easily on any person. This is not just chanting of mantras; it is a tough and strong tantrik method of vashikaran which can only be performed under the guidance of a vashikaran specialist.

This vashikaran is safe and has no side effects on either person. In this vashikaran the deity is Lord Indra and Moon. We also invoke Mohini Goddess Shakti Mata and Lord Bhairav to get faster results.

If you have used many vashikarans but have not got effective results, all rituals and tantric methods have failed and you don’t have any hope, then this is the perfect solution to your problem. If it’s the first time you are going to do vashikaran, then we would suggest you to go for other type of vashikarans and not chandrawajra vashikaran because it’s very strong and powerful.

You can use this vashikaran only for your lover, husband and wife, mother-father and father and in-laws. You are advised not to use this vashikaran for all; it is used for one person and only one time. And in whole life you can use this vashikaran only once and that too for any one person, you cannot do same vashikaran ever again in your life.

You should take a real guidance in applying the chandrawajra vashikaran on someone, you can take our expert advice on chandrawajra vashikaran, our vashikaran expert will suggest you the effective and potent method of this vashikaran and will bring you good results.
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